On-demand Presentations

20 Years of Dam Rehab: How We Make It Work in Virginia

Mathew Lyons

A Tale of Two Models: A Comparison of Physical and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Models for Boiling Springs Site 1 Dam Rehabilitation Project

Sherry L. Hunt, Valerie Glasgow, Colin Young

An Assessment of NRCS Watershed Model Using Data from ARS, Walnut Gulch Experimental Watershed

Atiq Syed

Belci Dam Failure 1991

Eric Gross, Paul Kokoszka, Teodor Strat

Benefits of 3D Seepage Modelingwith Unique Geotechnical Considerations

Chris J. Redell

Best Practices for Conducting Virtual Exercises

Ben Claggett

Boltz Lake Dam, Kentucky

Michelle Meehan, Elliot Magoto

Dam Safety Signage Guidance – Promoting Public Awareness and preventing Loss of Life and Property

Jim Maroukis

Disrupting the Attack Planning Cycle: What Can You Do

Kate Schwartzer

Emergency Intervention Templates for Dam Incidents

Diana Castro

Evaluation of Becker Penetration Test (BPT) Induced Vibration

Tianfei (Tyler) Liao, B. Philip Shull, J. Hawkins Gagnon, Alex Rutledge

Greenbrier State Park Dam

Wesley Hollenbach, Michael McIntyre, John Roche

Incorporating Regional Rainfall-Frequency into Flood Frequency Using RRFT and RMC Bestfit

Allen Avance, Mikaela Mahoney

Influence of Sensitivity and Rate of Strength Loss on Seismic Deformation of a Levee

Tyler j. Oathes

Intelligent Wireless Remote Condition Monitoring for Dams

Chris Gairns

Levee Operation & Maintenance

Benjamin D. Girtain-Plowe

Low Head Dam Safety and Engineering Education

Kenneth R. Wright

Modeling Reservoir Waves Generated by Seismic Events Using CFD

Bryan Heiner

Potential Failure Modes Analysis, A Dam Owners’s Perspective

Stephen Kinsley

Risk Analytics For Dam Monitoring: Changes in Millimetres and Moisture Using Geospatial AI

Camilla Braithwaite

Safety Assessment of the Jucazinho RCC Dam in Brazil: An Investigation Considering Intraplate Seismicity

Windson Bezerra de Aguiar

Seminary Hill Reservoir Failure

Doug Johnson

Site-Specific Seismic Hazard Analysis for Two Dams in Washington Utilizing NGA-Subduction Ground Motion Models

Mark Dober, Roger Raeburn

Spillway Rehabilitation of a SW Idaho Dam

Manuel Rauhut

Super Powered Flow! Characterization of Hydraulic Erosion Capacity for a Concrete Lined Spillway

Carolyn Pearson

Tailings Dams Under the Quantum Microscope of Public Awareness

Charles F. Cobb, Sarah Shoemaker, Mike Henderson

The 1981 Upstream Slope Failure at B.F. Sisk Dam

Dave Gillette

The Reservoir #2 Story – Over a Decade of Service

Gary Wantland

The Story of a 1981 Tailings Dam Failure in Ages, Kentucky

Rachel Barrows, Ben Webster, Jon Keeling

Tilting Floodwalls in Covington, Kentucky

Terry Sullivan

Unlined Rock Spillway Erodibility Analysis

Mike George

Using Dynamic Physical Modeling to Evaluate Unbalanced Emergency Closures of a Bulkhead Gate & Hoist System

Josh Mortensen and Joe Kubitschek

What the Slab?! Risk Assessment of Erostion-Based Failure Mode for a Concrete Lined Spillway

Justin Pearce